Bboy Battle Review:BIG TOE CREW vs EXG (FLOOR WARS 2010)


I will give this battle a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It started great… then had a slow point, but picked up and became exciting again. Dope bboys…props to both crews.


1:45-  This is the point in the clip where the battle takes its turn from decent to..WOW!

-Starts with a cool power set, ending in a freeze on beat.

-Followed  by an air twist landing directly on his back….Intensity of the battle just went up about 6 notches! The dude takes his shirt off…..okay. Then does his set; which is cool but a lil sloppy cause he’s probably too pumped.

-Immediately followed by one of my favorite bboys in this battle…dude in the purple (don’t know his name) but he does a head slide to a flip clean as f**k.  Followed by a dope set on beat.

Skip 3:25- This guy slows the tempo of the battle.No offense.

4:00-Ups on beat to a nice inward hand glide.(Probably want to watch this part if you don’t watch bboying a lot…you will probably be amazed by this crowed pleas-er.)

Do not skip-pretty much the rest of the battle is dope. Especially the routine.





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