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 Marissa Chanel Mendoza, 22,  independent model, Pomona, CA

How do you celebrate the difference?
I celebrate the difference by combining fashion and modeling as my personal art form.

How did you first get into modeling?
My mom used to model back in the day and discontinued because she became pregnant with me. I’ve always wanted to continue that dream for her. Luckily, one of my best friends in high school, Roman Alexander, was/is a photographer and pretty much taught me how to model.

What do you love most about modeling?
I was bullied during middle school and had developed low self-esteem. Modeling helps me forget that and makes me feel beautiful.

When you aren’t modeling baddie street wear clothing, what do you enjoy doing?
Aside from my modeling career, I’ve recently started to dabble into shooting photos myself thanks to my talented friend, Fernando Matamoros. I enjoy a challenge and photography definitely isn’t as easy as it looks.

Has fashion always been a passion for you?
Fashion has definitely always been a passion of mine. What you wear effects how you feel and I take advantage of that.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as diverse and versatile. I enjoy pulling off different styles. I like to be girly one day and tomboyish with my timbs the next.

Who are your fashion icons/inspirations?
My Instagram fashion icons right now are @moderngypsy and @flamcis. I’m in love with their fashion choices! My close friend/photographer, @_jordanjamal, has been inspiring me to surpass my modeling comfort zone. Our styles just click and magic is always the result!

What do you feel most beautiful in?
Recently, I’ve been obsessed with crop tops! I love the 90’s hip-hop style.

Fashion and maintaining a fit, healthy lifestyle is obviously important to you but , how would you describe “beauty”?
I definitely believe that beauty is mostly within. You can have a beautiful face or body, but it’s more beautiful when you have a positive outlook on life. When people give me good vibes, that’s beautiful to me.

What’s next for you? Any upcoming plans, events or big projects?
My friend Darren is submitting one of our photo sets to Arsenic Magazine so I’m excited for that! I’ve also been having local clothing stores reaching out so I can model their stuff. I’ve been pretty busy lately and i’m loving it.

Marissa’s  5 MUST-have clothing picks: 




Run The Day

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You set the pace for how your day will go. Stay the course on your track to greatness. You decide how hard you will try and how dedicated you are. So run when you can, walk if you must and crawl if you have to.

As long as you are moving forward, closer towards achieving your dreams you are already halfway there.

Now go out and get after it Regime Girls!

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Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.34.37 PM

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Two torches unlit: The unlit torches are symbols of hope and belief. Hope, as a concept, provides an optimistic future that lies within each and every one of us – the hope and belief of a better future driven by passion. Without this continuity, one would be lost to the darkness, without hope, tomorrow is lost.

Hence, a torch as light, beacons the new day, the new era and a path that is brighter than what has come before. Ignite your passion within and the torches will burst to flame.

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Bow Down




No matter how good or bad you think life is, remember to be grateful for each day you are simply alive.

Cherish each moment and remain grateful for how far you have already come. Maintain a positive state of mind and open your eyes to the surrounding possibility. And of course, always look fierce.