The Darc Sport is Coming


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The Civil Darc Sport Team is coming and we want to recruit YOU. Will you join us?

Take a sneak peek of the new Darc Sport above and stay tuned for more sneak peeks and collection info!

Stay Flexin’


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Regime Girl Tianna G shows us her flexible side!

Always remain flexible, in every sense of the word, from your body to your mind to your attitude. Flexibility in mind and body allows for a more stress-free, focused and positive state. Choosing to have a flexibly positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.

Seize that power. Take hold of your circumstances. Maintain the ability to adapt to each situation and remain open-minded to every opportunity.

Swizz Beatz Cappin’ in Civil


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Artist/producer Swizz Beatz representing the Civil Regime while celebrating his difference. Shouts to you Swizz for pursuing all of your passions, from music and art to fashion and family.

Cop the artist’s Civil style and shop the Civil Plaque Snapback in white at Zumiez HERE and in black HERE

CTD Interviews: B-boy Ronnie Ruen


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 We at Civil love shining a bright light on individuals that we find truly embody our message of what it means to Celebrate The Difference and display their dedication to wholeheartedly pursuing their passions.

Check out this week’s Celebrate The Difference (CTD) Interview below featuring one of our Civil Regime Team Members.


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1619110 641051299264478 1979984310 n1 CTD Interviews: B boy Ronnie RuenRonnie Anthony Navarro, 30, B-boy,  Las Vegas, NV

How do you celebrate the difference? 

I celebrate my difference with the music, by expressing myself with the dance and experiencing the culture worldwide by spreading knowledge.

Tell us a bit about your influences, where you come from and what you do apart from bboying?

First inspirations were bboy Ken Swift and bboy Storm. I’m from East Los Angeles, I’m a father to a beautiful girl Marialys, and  aside from bboying I like basketball, pool traveling the world and working out.

How did you first get into bboying?

I started watching my cousins when I first saw it and got influenced. Then I started doing it with two of my brothers and then met more people and we started a crew. Never stopped from there!!

How would you define a “bboy”?

A bboy is raw, doesn’t fake something he’s not. You have to have character and always be ready to battle. You have to prove yourself to the world that you are original with your own style. It’s a strong term but stands for boogie boy.

You get to travel the world, competing and performing in the most insane places. Had you always imagined traveling the world like this?

From where I came from no, I never thought I would be traveling the world but it’s great to experience different cultures. I knew if I worked hard someday I would be able to travel. Dream come true.

What are you most proud of thus far in your bboy career?

I’ve done so many different types of jobs and have seen so much in my life, but I gotta say having my own character
on a video game on PS3 called BBOY was by far my favorite.

How does the bboy scene differ in other parts of the world?

It’s really cool cause in different countries there’s really big events in the world that the government actually supports a lot. But, there are a lot of third world countries where it’s really hard for them to survive off dancing, but they got so much passion and heart.

When you’re not competing, traveling and practicing, what do you do in your free time?

I spend a whole lot of time with my family!

What’s next for you? Any upcoming plans, events or big projects?

Yes, I plan to do a whole documentary of my whole lifestyle. Also I want to open my own dance studio, teach kids and all ages. One of my biggest goals as of right now is to make it to the biggest competition in the world

Bboy Ronnie Ruen’s top 5 MUST-have Civil pieces

kurt mesh jersey in black and red 263x300 CTD Interviews: B boy Ronnie Ruentrack lord side zip jacket in black with white 263x300 CTD Interviews: B boy Ronnie Ruen

torch fleece shorts in black 263x300 CTD Interviews: B boy Ronnie Ruenallstar fleece jogger in maroon 263x300 CTD Interviews: B boy Ronnie Ruen

teamsta ss pullover fleece in athletic 263x300 CTD Interviews: B boy Ronnie Ruen

Also, check out a video of Bboy Ronnie Ruen, sporting Civil while he Celebrates his Difference in competition below!

Don’t Ask for Permission


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If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.
Do not rely on others to motivate you. You must find your own inner strength and self-encouragement that will push you beyond your obstacles and closer to victory. Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them. So go out and get them Regime Girls!

Choose Fierce


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“Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels”
Feeling fierce on this Tuesday, sporting our Civil Choices Leggings and a baddie pair of pumps. However you can channel your inner strength and style ferocity, rock it loudly and proudly!

Although beauty starts from within, a chic outfit can help make all the difference. Shop these fashionably bold leggings and more new Regime Girls fall pieces, available online at HERE.

Regime Member King Los Reps Civil in HOT 97 FM Interview

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.48.31 PM

Regime King, rapper King Los, shows mad love for the Civil Regime, sporting his latest Civil gear in an interview with HOT 97 radio.

The rapper showed off his Civil Allover Comp Trap Hat while speaking about his latest projects, and even spits some freestyle bars for listeners.

Watch the entire interview above and cop King Los’s look and get your Civil Allover Comp Trap Hat at Karmaloop HERE.

Screen Shot 2014 10 27 at 2.48.31 PM Regime Member King Los Reps Civil in HOT 97 FM Interview


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Team DARC SPORT athletes at the Jon Lindsay Titans Grand Prix.

Passion is the fuel to our fire. Passion is love for the sport. To retrieve that passion, one must look within. Your passion is your difference and it deserves to be celebrated.

See how Team Darc Sport celebrates their difference above and follow Team Darc Sport on Instagram (@DarcSport) for the latest.

(LISTEN) Drake Drops 3 New Tracks


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Drake does it again, dropping three new tracks which have us wanting more. He definitely celebrated his birthday right, sharing the love with all of us through these three NEW tracks. “6 God,” “Heat of the Moment,” and “How Bout Now.”

Stream and listen to the new tracks below and let us know what you think!

Sport Swag


 Sport Swag

Regime Girls always look fierce, even when headed to the gym, out for a jog, at work or wherever the day takes us. This is the perfect fall fit, straight from our latest Hear Us Roar collection, featuring the Civil We Run The World Long Sleeve Tee and Own It Mesh Leggings which “fit tight and right in all the right places.”

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civil clothing own it mesh leggings Dolls Kill copy2 Sport Swag