Civil Retailer WLKN Opens Three New Locations



Renowned Canadian-born retailer WLKN, which has proudly carried Civil for years, has been growing by the day and has now expanded even more to open three more stores. Taking the street wear industry by storm worldwide, WLKN opened their first location, in May, in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, then two more in Toronto, eventually spreading to the center of the Queen City in October and now has plans to grow to the suburb of Scarborough or Mississauga in January or February 2016.

The prominent retailer’s concept is to provide customers with the latest streetwear while making their experience at the store friendly and personalize. To support their vision they “surrounded themselves with a team of professional, creative and hardworking individuals.” WLKN now holds more than 150 brands from around the world including their very own.

“Whether you’re style is influenced by music, sports or various genres our vast selection of clothes and accessories make it impossible for anyone to walk out empty handed. Innovation is our philosophy. Every day we find a way to reinvent ourselves, to inspire change and people.”

Civil is proud to be apart of this company’s growing reputation and success.

Check out Civil at WLKN HERE, and explore their stores now!

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Classic Trap Cap Back In Stock



Your favorite classic Civil Trap Snapback is BACK in stock Regime Members! We know how much you love this iconic cap so we now have them re-stocked and ready for you.

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Walk On The Wild Side



Open your eyes and take in all the beauty around you. The world is full of opportunity begging you to seize it. Wander down an unknown path and enjoy the journey.

This life is the adventure of your choice, make it memorable.

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Celebrate The Difference: Brittany Hagerty




We at Civil love shining a bright light on individuals that we find truly embody our message of what it means to Celebrate The Difference and display their dedication to wholeheartedly pursuing their passions.

 Regime Girls are a vital part of the Civil Regime, not only offering female empowerment but instilling all women with the inner strength and confidence to chase their dreams. We at Civil love shining a bright light on our Regime Girls and their dedication to the principals of

Fashion – Fitness – Passion.






Brittany Hagerty, 25, Editor In Chief-, Los Angeles, CA

How do you celebrate the difference? 
I absolutely love music, fashion and beauty! I have always been drawn to the entertainment world and music really did save my life. It has been my outlet when nothing else made sense. I knew I would be working in this industry at such a young age and actually started my own website with 2 friends at the age of 13! It has all been uphill since and I have worked in the fashion, music, entertainment and more recently beauty world. I love it all so much, it keeps me inspired daily!

How would you describe your personal style?
Edgy street wear mixed with some unicorn flare.

You are also a big health/fitness advocate. Why do you value health and fitness?
I struggled with body image issues my whole life and it is still a struggle to get past that part. I decided one day I wanted to let go of my past and fully transition into self assessment and growth. With that being said I started from the inside out and almost immediately everything started changing and the more aware and awake I became, the more it showed on the outside! I never appreciated health and fitness, it was a battle because I had the wrong mind set. I now ENJOY my workouts and look at it as a perk to life not as a personal battle!

Why do you think it’s important to practice a healthy lifestyle?
I wake up with a healthy mind and a health body everyday! I now can hike, run, swim, do yoga or any workout I want and truly enjoy it. My health has made me happy which has made my life more positive and it has even inspired others everyday to take on a new lifestyle! I think that is the major part, positivity attracts positivity. That is step 1 to making this world a better place!

What music is on your workout playlist?
I LOVE listening to Rihanna when I work out because you can stop and kinda dance a bit in the mirror…keeps it fun ;)

You live such fun but busy lifestyle, I’m sure it gets hectic to maintain a healthy diet. What is your favorite healthy go-to snack or recipe?
I just like to pack my food for the day the night before to help keep me dedicated to eating correctly. When on the road I try to always keep raw, vegan green superfood bars in my bag and some type of nut or fruit and water. That way my blood sugar never gets too low…I get SO cranky!!!

Any health/fitness secrets or tips for fans on how to stick to their health regime and workout plan?
Just do it as much or as little as you can without it taking over your life. Don’t become someone who sacrifices their happiness and fun to workout. One shitty meal will NOT define your health, one week without workouts is also fine. I try to focus more on health and wellness as a whole which includes smiling, having fun and being a human just as much as it does include workouts, clean eating and dedication to your regimen!

You not only practice a healthy, fit lifestyle but you are also an Editor In Chief at Buzznet. Has working for Buzznet influenced your style in any way?
I feel like I always have been a living example of what Buzznet is. I have been eating, sleeping and breathing that genre and world in since I was about 12 years old. Everything Buzznet has been is what I was into and living even before I knew of Buzznet! It has really allowed me to gain confidence in who I am and what I stand for so yes…my job really has allowed me to be bright and colorful and be ME!

Where do you get your fashion/style inspiration from?
I honestly have always just bought what I like. In High School I moved to a new school at the end of 6th grade so I was the new girl. I didn’t conform to cliques, I was friends with everyone instead. I would mix skinny jeans with the trendiest A&F top with some Birdman sneakers. Basically, I let my life and personality inspire my fashion! One day you will see me in an edgy, rock look and the next day I am in an over sized Boy London tee with harem pants and high top sneakers!

Fashion and fitness are obviously prevalent in your life and career, as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, but how would you personally describe “beauty”?
Beauty is letting your soul shine. Letting your true self be showcased to the world. Makeup, clothes and fashion aside…when we see true beauty it means we are seeing someone glow. We are seeing a beautiful human just BE….I love that.

What’s next for you? Any upcoming plans, events or big projects?
I have a lot in the works actually! I have been traveling with my best friend, Jeffree Star, 2 weekends as his model for his makeup classes for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Keep a look out for us in a city near you here:

Brittany’s Top 5 MUST-have Civil clothing items? 



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Regime Fit Of The Day: Run It

InstasizeImage copy

InstasizeImage copy

Wherever you are in the world, Civil has a fit for every occasion. Today’s Regime Fit of the Day features some of our favorite holiday pieces, featuring, the Civil Down Not Out Tee atop the classic Civil Box Runners, paired with new exclusive Civil Socks, and topped off with either a black or white Long Flag Bucket Hat.

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Are You A Regime Girl?



If you have an irresistible, unrelenting drive to follow your dreams, celebrate your passions and remain true to yourself at all costs, then you are a Regime Girl.

If you are proud of who you are, practice what you preach and strive every day to achieve your goals, then you are a Regime Girl.

Join your fellow Regime Girls in a celebration of everything fashion, fitness and passion. Share your story with us by tagging #RegimeGirls on photos of you celebrating fashion, fitness and passion and see it featured on our blog and social media.

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Welcome to the team!

Risk It All



“Life is full of risks, why not take them?” – Lindsay Lohan
Life really is too short not to take a leap of faith and shoot for the stars. Nothing worth having wasn’t worth a little risk.
Everyone is scared when it comes to trying something new and actually pursuing your dreams, but that’s half the excitement of doing it! If you don’t try you’ll never know, so why not go for it?
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Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Commercial Preview



Kim Kardashian West and T-Mobile have teamed up for a Super Bowl commercial this Sunday, which has just been revealed, and it is actually pretty witty.

Making a play on Kim’s excessive selfies and overly abused social media usage, T-Mobile made quite the case for saving data with your cell phone plans.

Peep the Super Bowl commercial that will play this coming Sunday above.


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Eyes On Success



It is often easy to lose sight of why you started down a particular path. No matter where you have been and where you are headed, continue to follow your heart.

Your heart will never steer you wrong, as long as you remain honest with yourself and continue to have faith in your choices. Keep your mind focused and your eyes on success