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Crunch Time


karen Crunch Time

No days off for the dreamers! Even on a Saturday morning you will find Regime Girls doing what they love most, even if a little sweat is required.

This beautiful fall Saturday we are starting the weekend off with a beach workout, which of course would not be complete with a few sit-ups on the sand. Regime Girls are all about finding the most effective workouts in minimal time. We are suckers for crunches with the exercise ball.

Just us for a little ab workout with the below exercise. Knock ‘em dead!

4-Step Exercise Ball Ab Workout: 

Step 1: Sit down on the ball with your legs in front of you, knees bent and feet on the ground. Walk yourself forward so your back is leaning against the exercise ball rather than perpendicular to it. Plant your feet once you’ve achieved this, widening the space between them if you feel off-balance.

Step 2: Clasp your hands together and place your arms behind your head. Lean even further back, so that your back arches along the curve of the ball. This will help you open up the your chest to get a more effective workout overall.

Step 3: Bend so as to bring your upper body towards your knees, tensing your abs as you do so. Some of your backside should still be leaning against the ball–try not to move anything below your hips. Make sure to keep your feet planted as you perform this action. Then Repeat.

Step 4: Feel and look FABULOUS.

Friday got Regime Girls Feeling Fierce


914457 329959040510544 424668264 n Friday got Regime Girls Feeling Fierce

It’s our favorite time of the week… Friday night! We are ready to OWN the night in our hottest Civil threads. Swag out tonight and get your Friday night essentials from the newest Civil pieces, available at HERE.

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Happy Friday!



924018 393120240854296 1946937459 n Blackout

We are FEELING them black on black holiday vibes!

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Play Hard, Get Dirty


10802399 555233667940705 244349603 n Play Hard, Get Dirty

The road to victory isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes you need to get your hands dirty to get what you really want. It’s ok if you give it your all and fall flat on your face, what matters is that you get up and try again every time you fall. You are what you do, not what you say you will do.

So go out, get your hands dirty and make things happen for yourselves Regime Girls! All of your hard work will be worth it.

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His & Her Holiday Fits


10809782 366578593515597 1965002308 n His & Her Holiday Fits


Now you and your bae can look swaggy while cuddle up. Shop for you and your boo’s holiday essentials, like these new his and her fleece joggers, limited-edition snapbacks and beanies, tees and more, available now at HERE.

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Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 2.46.59 PM

banner O CELEBRATE213 Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

wakec Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

 We at Civil love shining a bright light on individuals that we find truly embody our message of what it means to Celebrate The Difference and display their dedication to wholeheartedly pursuing their passions.

Check out this week’s Celebrate The Difference (CTD) Interview below featuring one of our Civil Regime Team Members.


wake Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

MG 5734 Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

wake1 Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

MG 5758 Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

MEDD TWatson Jul17 0021 copy Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

MG 5751 Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson


Cory “Todd” Watson, 24, Professional Wakeboarder,  Orlando, FL.

How do you celebrate the difference?

To me wakeboarding is a form of art. I get to go out there everyday and express my difference to the world by riding my wakeboard. I’m very blessed.

How did you first get into wake boarding?

My family were all skiers & boaters. When I was 12 my uncle showed me this “wakeboard” that he got. I took it out to the lake with us the next time we went and gave it a spin.

What was going through your head the very first time you successfully stood up on a wakeboard?

I was automatically hooked. I actually got up first try. I remember making the driver drive for what felt like miles cause I wouldn’t let go.

Was it always a dream of yours to travel and compete in wakeboarding competitions?

I love to be able to travel and meeting new people. But to be completely honest I’ve only competed like 3 times in the past 4 years. I focus all my time on filming for videos, shooting for the magazines, and just wakeboarding. Keeping the freeriding aspect alive. Like I said, I see wakeboarding as an art. I’m never going to go out there and focus on learning a bunch of gymnastic looking tricks to give you a high score in contests. If I don’t like the way something looks, I’m not going to do it. I’m gonna go out there, and be me. If I have to take a big pay cut because of it, that’s fine with me.

What’s the craziest thing to happen to you while wake boarding?

Probably hitting the big air for the first time. It’s just like a big slope style snowboard jump, or the mega ramp on a skateboard. There’s a big kicker ramp and landing ramp, with about a 50ft land gap in between them. If you don’t make the gap you’re in trouble.

Where is your favorite place to wakeboard?

“Lake Ronix.” My board sponsor Ronix just bought a massive lake 2 years ago here in Orlando. Just about every rider on the team lives here in Orlando. We all meet up at the lake everyday, build new rails/features, test gear, film and ride our asses off. All my pictures you see are from “Lake Ronix.”

How has the sport changed since you first started doing to?

Everything was done behind the boat when I first started. There were hardly any rails or anything of that sort. The sport has evolved insanely since then. There are now cable parks popping up all over. You no longer need a expensive boat to be able to wakeboard. Lower/middle class kids actually have a chance to make it now too.

What has been one of your proudest wakeboarding moments thus far?

Probably my first magazine shot, and the story behind it. I was 20 I think. My board sponsor at the time “Gator” paid for me to go on a winch trip to Lincoln, Nebraska. First day there I split my head open falling in 3″ deep water, and was bleeding badly. I spent a day in the hospital and was bed rested for the rest of the trip. Right before we had to fly back, still hurt, I got my board out and wall rid this sketchy brick wall, right in the middle of Downtown Lincoln. I didn’t want to let my sponsor down and come back with nothing. I had one try before security came and grabbed us. I nailed it first try, got the photo, grabbed all our stuff and busted out of there. 2 months later I was flipping through a magazine and there I was right in the middle of the mag, double page spread from that day.

When you’re not wakeboarding, what do you do in your free time?

I grew up skateboarding. So I still skate when I can. I also do cinematography. I spend a lot of my downtime filming and editing. That’s my plan for my future when I get to old for wakeboarding.

What are three things people might not know about you?

1. I can’t surf

2. My dad’s been married 6 times

3. I was born in California, and raised in Missouri.

What’s next for you? Any upcoming competitions, trips or projects?

Starting in January we start filming for the Ronix team video. We will probably be filming for a couple years. It’s crazy I’ll be in the same video as all the dudes I grew up idolizing and watching in videos.

Todd’s Top 5 favorite Civil pieces: Click the items to shop the pro wakeboarder’s favorites now!

allover comp 5 panel in black Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watsoncivil trap beanie in black3 Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watsonlong flag bucket hat in white Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

league ls brawler in black Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watsonteam 08 kurt long sleeve in black Celebrate The Difference: Pro Wakeboarder Todd Watson

Chanel West Coast Straight Flexin’ in Civil


10802598 292962540913352 1088002077 n Chanel West Coast Straight Flexin in Civil


Regime Girl Chanel West Coast woke up like this.

The baddie rapper shows the world how it’s done, looking flawless rocking her Civil Been As If Beanie while rolling through the streets of LA!

Is your holiday fashion on point this season? Step up your holiday style game and shop the white Civil As If Beanie and the latest Civil pieces, available now at HERE. Cop Miss Chanel’s black Civil Been As if Beanie HERE.

You are flawless Regime Girls, let your style show it!

5 Minutes to Rock Hard Abs


10608097 930956883587307 1527391240 n 5 Minutes to Rock Hard Abs

Hitting the gym after a grueling work day may seem like an impossible feat. That is why we relish in every opportunity to find quick, easy yet effective workouts that get the job done without adding more stress to your day.

Check out our 3 favorite ab workouts below that will quickly get you rock-hard abs like Regime Girl Tianna G.

 A little sweat never hurt nobody, so suck it for just a few minutes every day and you will see the results of a body well earned!

1. Side Plank –  This abs exercise is more challenging yet hits your core hard because you must stabilize all of your body weight.

How to do it:
A. Lie on your left side with your elbow directly beneath your shoulder and legs stacked. Place your right hand on your left shoulder or on your right hip.

B. Brace your abs and lift your hips off the floor until you’re balancing on your forearm and feet so that your body forms a diagonal line. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds. If you can’t hold that long, stay up as long as you can and then repeat until you’ve held for 30 seconds total. Switch sides and repeat.


2. Walkout from Pushup Position – This abs exercise involves the entire body and provides resistance for your whole core.

How to do it:
A. Start in pushup position with hands two inches wider than your shoulders.

B. Walk hands out as far as possible, then walk back. Do 10-12 reps.


3.  Alligator Drag – exercise uses your entire core and burns additional calories by adding movement (dragging yourself along the floor).

How to do it:
A. Find a stretch of floor that allows you to go forward 10 to 20 yards, and grab anything that will slide over the surface with minimal friction. Dinner plates or plastic bags work on a carpeted floor, while towels work on wood or tile.

B. Start in pushup position with your feet on the slides, towels, or plates.

C. Walk yourself forward with your hands to the end of your runway (aim for at least 10 yards). Rest for 60 to 90 seconds (or as long as you need to recover) and repeat the alligator walk back to where you started. That’s one set. Repeat one more time.









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Nicki Minaj Covers Complex’s December 2014/January 2015 Issue


ofmlo6stuj6copwkkolf Nicki Minaj Covers Complexs December 2014/January 2015 Issue


The first rapping stunner has done it again. Miss Nicki Minaj graces the covers of Complex for the December/January issue and is looking as baddie-chic as ever.

The rap goddess shares her deepest thoughts with Complex, from her work, performances and refusing to suppress any of her (many) sides because as she says, “I’M AT THE LEVEL IN MY CAREER AND IN MY LIFE NOW WHERE I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT TO.”

Check out the full interview on Complex HERE and be sure to grab your issue when it hit stand soon!

Screen Shot 2014 11 18 at 12.20.08 PM Nicki Minaj Covers Complexs December 2014/January 2015 Issue

sidephoto vn4 Nicki Minaj Covers Complexs December 2014/January 2015 Issue

Screen Shot 2014 11 18 at 12.20.26 PM Nicki Minaj Covers Complexs December 2014/January 2015 Issue