Proskater Theotis Beasley Showing Love for Civil Regime


10732024 298941696976805 365445391 n Proskater Theotis Beasley Showing Love for Civil Regime

Mad love to our boy, pro skateboarder Theotis Beasley for always representing the Regime and the Civil lifestyle, sporting his Civil Floral Star Mesh Jersey.

Theotis is a huge inspiration to us and our members to remember to follow your heart and relentlessly pursue your passions to make your dreams come true.

Thanks for the love Theotis, continue Celebrating your Difference!

Cop the pro-skater’s fit and shop the Civil Floral Star Mesh Jersey HERE.


What Team are You on?


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Do you have what it takes to join the Civil Regime team?

Cop your Civil 08 Pinstripe Baseball Jersey and join the Darc Sport movement. Shop this piece, available now online at Pacsun HERE.

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Dip it Low


G3A32071 Dip it Low

It may be Friday but if your like our Regime Girls, there’s no days off! Exercise is where we seek refuge, where we find inner piece, strength and time to focus on our mind and body. Working out outdoors is also a favorite of ours. Whether we are jogging on the sand at the beach, running stairs at the local track or doing push ups and crunches at the park, you will always find our Regime Girls getting their workout on!

One of our favorite arm workouts is the good ole tricep dip. This exercise is hard to compare to others. It offers exceptional muscle toning and firming and gives you beautifully chiseled arms. We wanted to share this effective workout with you.

Check out how to get your dream body and amazing arms below!
How To Do It: Sit on the edge of a flat exercise bench and place your hands, fingers facing forward, next to your thighs. Place your feet on the floor in front of you, knees bent. Keeping your arms straight, scoot forward so your butt is hovering in front of the edge of the bench

(A). Inhale, bend your arms, and lower your butt

(B), stopping when your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Exhale and push yourself back up, straightening your arms.



Now get out there and try it Regime Girls!





(via Women’s Health Magazine)

Break the Mold


10724787 532851486845398 1621919224 n Break the Mold

Heading towards greatness one step at a time. Life can seem like nothing but an uphill battle at times, but it’s how you handle the uphill battle that tells you everything. If the road to the top was easy, everyone would do it.

Victory would not taste as sweet if it was just handed to you. Although it maybe mentally and physically tough, you will be thankful for the times you were pushed to the limit because it showed you things about yourself you never knew. You will be surprised at your true strength when you are faced with seemingly impossible hurdles.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Fit for Every Darc Sport


10735320 532687816865663 1507210475 n1 Fit for Every Darc Sport

This fit is an ode to the Darc Sport. Whatever athleticism you practice, Civil has the perfect threads to match. Today’s Darc Sport fit features the Civil High Ranks Tee and Team Fleece Shorts paired with the iconic Civil Trap Hat.

Cop this entire fall fit and more new Civil pieces, available now at online and in-store at Authentic Sole Boutique HERE.

Just Start.


DSC01211 Just Start.

Good things come to those who sweat!

Whether you are hitting the gym at sunrise, running stairs in the park at noon or practicing your calisthenics at sunset, make it count. You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go. Getting to the starting line is half the battle but once you start, you can conquer anything in front of you.
Get on your grind no matter what time it is and sweat out everything and anything toxic in your life.
Follow us on Instagram (@RegimeGirls) Twitter (@Regime_Girls), Facebook and Pinterest for fitness tips and motivation quotes to help you you started!
DSC01209 Just Start.

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photo 2 copy

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The latest and hottest Civil fall men’s and women’s fall pieces have officially arrived at Amnesia Shop! Cop everything from new jogger pants, crew necks, hoodies and tees to leggings, muscle tees and raglan tees available now.

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(VIDEO) Behind the Scenes of Civil x DOPENESS Magazine Shoot

image copy11

We couldn’t resist sharing another sneak peek of our upcoming DOPENESS Magazine feature!

The Civil feature will be both in the print and online versions of the magazine and we can hardly wait to share it with you all.

Peep this behind-the-scenes clip of the New York-based photo shoot above and some photos below.  Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and the full magazine feature, coming soon.

image copy11 (VIDEO) Behind the Scenes of Civil x DOPENESS Magazine Shoot





image copy (VIDEO) Behind the Scenes of Civil x DOPENESS Magazine Shoot

image copy11 (VIDEO) Behind the Scenes of Civil x DOPENESS Magazine Shoot

image copy112 (VIDEO) Behind the Scenes of Civil x DOPENESS Magazine Shoot

Back in Black


10727679 1571235449755303 416594480 n Back in Black




“Women who wear black lead colorful lives” – Neiman Marcus
Regime Girls could not agree more!Black is mysteriously poetic and effortlessly chic, yet emits an unspoken confidence and ferocity.
Life is too short to wear boring clothes, so dress yourself in fierce Civil threads, like this black Civil Bottom Side Zip Long Tee, and more available online at Civil retailer Puffer Reds HERE.

Be a Teamsta Player


10645272 10152438017217253 4081278195728842963 n Be a Teamsta Player


Today’s OOTD is a Darc Sport fit, a personal favorite style within the Civil Regime. This fall ensemble features an iconic black and white color scheme composed of the classic Civil Trap Hat, Civil MTN Long Sleeve Tee and matching Civil Teamsta Fleece Jogger shorts.


If you want this fit to be yours, then head to to cop these pieces and more HERE.