Free The Robots: Ctrl, Alt, Delete

The ability to fuse soundscapes of inorganic (electronic) nature with a soulful human touch involves none other than the ability of a master. This is what precisely Chris Alfaro has done with his sophomore album, CTRL ALT DELETE. Aptly and appropriately titled, Free the Robots has managed to create an ethereal, futuristic world kissed with an ever so light, yet masterful touch.

Hard and heavy hitting, dubstep-influenced sounds surround the essence of Orion’s Belt Buckle, carrying the listener into a Hades like world. In “Turkish Voodoo” we are taken to the mystical-funky sitar sound that many would associate with Celda and much of the Turkish mixes that are prone to the Gaslamp Killer’s epic ear shattering sets at Low End Theory. However, I say Free The Robots carries its own flavor in their interpretation, invoking a more soulful feel while still hitting hard. In “The Eye”, which features Mars Volta’s prodigal keyboardist Ikey Owens, we are taken into another sojourn of aural pleasure, with its frantic pacing, contrasted with the melodic, yet eerie dissonant organ of Ikey’s playing. The future is here, folks.

Free The Robots “Ctrl Alt Delete” Promo Video #1 from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

Beautiful and tripped out video done by Phil.  Download Orion’s Belt Buckle Here.

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