Mannequins come to live – Santa Monica Place

Santa Monica Place – the New mall with Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdale, Nordstrom, etc, celebrated its new grand opening today in southern California following a complete makeover. This 524,000 square-foot, three-level, open-air retail mall hosts more than 50 stores including Ben Bridge Jeweler, Pandora, and Juicy Couture. We went today to take a look at the new mall. the Santa Monica Promenade was extremely busy with few places to park your car. We walked south from the Promenade to the newly open “Santa Monica Place” As we walked around the open three level mall we noticed mannequins with exquisite artistic details as if they are alive. The mannequins artistic expression has brought them to live, They are part of contest for where the top five Mannequins will be permanently displayed at the Otis College of Art. Below are some shots I took while we where there. This Mannequin designed by Todd Bank represent “Carrying the burden of society” There were many other mannequins. I hope the following pics taken at the Santa Monica Place will entertain your artistic feelings…

The Civil Fam were there… Also we encountered the “Men in Black: see Below… Well, they really aren’t the “Men in Black” but the Security at the “Santa Monica Place” Also we saw the new Ed Hardy shop. LOL! See below..

Share with us your opinion. Which mannequin do you like?