Gothic Futurism, Rammellzee and the lack of heroes..

I know that it has been a while before the legend Rammellzee has passed, although still his migration from this world is still relatively recent. There are some artists, that give it their all and leave such a unique impression on this world that it seems they should have been born in a different era. Rammellzee is no exception to being this anomaly. Today in world of carbon copies, its refreshing to see someone unique and individual. With the passing, its sad to say the world has lost someone truly original.

Before MF Doom rocked the Metal Mask, before Cypress Hill and the Beastie Boys conquered the adenoidal vocal and street art was bound in $100 books for sale at Taschen, Rammellzee was the original unconvential-lyricist, train-bombing outlaw.

Even today, there exist those that know the birth name of Rammellzee, but refuse to divulge it out of respect for the legend. Always one to be true to his art form, Rammellzee relocated to the Bronx, “because that’s where the culture was coming from,” he told Greg Tate in a definitive 2004 Wire feature interview. Rammellzee rapidly came into association with the graffiti writers who rode the A train, including Ogs such as: Phase 2, Peanut and others who achieved regional fame in the Carter-era chaos of the five boroughs.

A lot of those today show love for Jean Michel Basquait, unbeknownst to many,RAMMELLZEE along with TOXIC apparently were the major inspiration behind Jean Michel Basquiat’s life and work. Both RAMMELLZEE and TOXIC are continually referenced in Basquiat’s work and he often painted portraits of the three of them together.

Rammellzee’s own work and philosophy, are based in the idea of Gothic Futurism, illustrating the war between numbers and letters, their symbolism agianst the standardization of the European/ American Alphabet. His treatise, Iconic Panzerisms, devises an anarchic plan by which to completely revamp the role and deployment of language in society.

He has stated that his name is derived from RAM plus M for Magnitude, Sigma (?) the first summation operator, first L – longitude, second L – latitude, Z – z-bar, ?, ? – summation.

Here is Pose(Who just had a nasty show at Known gallery). dedicating some pieces to Ramellzee:

Supreme had one of the most interesting Collections with the man:

These splatter bags went for over a G within a few months of their release, wonder if Supreme will do a new collection.Got it.

Sometimes I wonder if Ram was born in the wrong era, maybe he should have been born 1000 years later or 1000 years earlier,such as in the age of the samurai. In more recent times, with the passing of many great artists Micheal Jackson, Dilla, Guru, Baatin(Slum Village).. it seems that what Banksy has said on Melrose is starting to ring true.